Ghora Gali Gool Treasure Trove of sculptures

A Treasure trove of sculptures has been unearthed at Gool village about 167 km from Jammu and 187 km from Srinagar, 44 km from Ramban and 19 km away from Sangaldan  Railway stationhttp://Sangaldan  Railway station
Littered over the hill  slopes in the village are statues of Horse of varying size, with or without riders. The shapes of these horses are identical.
These are richly decorated and elaborately delineated reins and other objects on the harness as also swords
All these display a number of moofs
The site also contains springs with elaborate masonry. These springs have however been choked up by the debris of centuries thought some friezes still have sculptures or attractive geometrical patterens. Particularly concentric circles with polkadots and others embellishments.
A unique feature of the GoolGool art find is the presence of monolithis with a profusion of carvings. One monolith is about two meters high and 1.5 meter in girth. Originally it might have been quadrangular in shape.
The history of this archaeological site is not clear. Some villagers say that, until some decades back there were ruins of old buildings nearby. But they are not visible now. Some people believe that these buildings matter haved housed the old rulers of Gool
Gool is deep in the interior of mountains and covered with landscape on the side of Gool valley.

This town is 55 km west of Ramban and is connected to the Jammu and Kashmir National Highway.

The cradle has been and the horse is compared to the horses carved from Italian spa-like stone, on which three riders are shown, the common people think that these are from the era of Kurdus and Pandavas, while a spiritual elder, Haji Muhammad Shah Sahib, son of Hazrat Nooran. Shah Sahib Poonch Wale. Several years ago, Baslasla Pirmuridi had visited here. He had said about these stone horses that they could be from the time of Hazrat Nuh (peace be upon him)Because it was during his time that the carving of stones and making human and animals shapes from them had reached its peak. In the last century, even before the year 1947, the number of educated scholars and government employees in this village was much higher than in other areas of the tehsil, and before the year 1947, when our area was included with Nayabat Arnas and tehsil Reasi, In the past, the office used to be shifted to Nayabat Gool for six months of summer

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