Hansraj – The Everest Of Neel (Ramban J&K)

The Hansraj Peak or Raemheer (Older Name) is the popular peak of Neel area of district Ramban, Jammu & Kashmir. It is located in Neel valley, at the Pir – Panjal Range, about 15kms from the Banihal pass on Southward direction with GPS coordinates of 33°23’53.99″N & 75°19’49.65″E. This is the second highest peak of district Ramban & having an elevation of about 3990 – 4000m above mean sea level (MSL).

History behind the name “Hansraj”

According to “The Rediscovery Of Neel” It is stated that some centuries
ago (in 17th or the 18th century), a battle took place on the surface of what
is now called as Mount Hansraj. The battle was between the rulers of Neel
and the rulers of Kishtwar. A prince named Hansraj (probably from
Kishtwar) was killed in the battle, hence, the name Hansraj for the peak
and the mountain

The vicinity of the station has provided opportunities of adventure & herbal tourism. The area provides opportunities for adventurous sports which can be developed, such as Mountaineering. The peak has varieties of medicinal herbs which are useful for curing numerous ailments.

Ethnomedicine even today plays an important role in Neel & other rural
areas and various locally produced drugs are still being used as household
remedies for various diseases. Old traditional persons of Neel valley have
greater knowledge and use of ethnomedicinal plant species than younger
The indigenous medicinal plant use knowledge is declining among the
younger generation, which could be attributed to the low interest of the
younger generation to inherit and use ethnomedicinal knowledge. It should
be our prime responsibility to educate our younger generations about the
values of our natural resources, their potential medicinal values so that they
will be able to use them during emergencies as we have very little access to
western medicines & revive their interest about indigenous plants of
Hansraj, Neel. We should educate our younger generations that exploitation
could lead to extinction, efforts should be made to conserve our natural
The commercial harvesting of threatened medicinal plants which are found
in the vicinity of Mount Hansraj, Neel should be banned strictly. Most
importantly the native communities need to sensitize to the sustainable use
and conservation of these species.

Apart from various medicinal plants which are found in the vicinity of
Hansraj, this peak has tourism potential also. The breath taking beauty of
this peak is so captivating that one feels like having an endless vacation
here. The area has also scenic spots & vast green meadows of several
kilometres which attracts large number of local picnickers during Summer.

The idyllic beauty of the place offers perfect leisure, pleasure & relaxation for visitors. In Summers, this peak is used for mountaineering by locals & peoples of adjoining areas of Neel who are fond of climbing mountains.https://www-maavaishnodevi-org.translate.goog/?_x_tr_sl=en&_x_tr_tl=hi&_x_tr_hl=hi&_x_tr_pto=tc Camping & night halt on the top of Mount Hansraj Peak is enjoyable during summers. This place is totally free from pollution, & from here one can have the majestic view of The Neel Valley

The peak is bestowed with extremely mesmerizing natural beauty, pristine forest cover & is home to unique flora & fauna. To the visitors, the station appears as Allah’s hand painted picturesque.

Peoples who come to live in the vicinity of this peak, during Summers are very hospitable through basic tourist infrastructure is still not in place. In Summer months, cool breeze is swirling around.

The temperature in the summer rises as high as 30°C & winter is intense cold with snowfall of approx. 10 – 30ft. The peak remains covered with snow for approx. 7 – 9 months.I

n the vicinity of the station, there are numerous places which also have great potential to attract visitors, & one of them is “Nani Marg”. Apart from local visitors, nomads often visit there in summer for grazing their livestock. Green lushed meadows of irregular topography surrounded by snow-clad hills makes this place the most beautiful, attractive & unique. From there one can also take old trekking route to reach Kapran (Kashmir).

How To Reach?

➢ NeelTop (Base)→Vasamarg→Ejantragh→Thalan (Best place for
camping) →Hansraj Peak (1-2 days).
➢ NeelTop→Zaradi→Devita-Dhar→Wanbara(NightHalt) →Hansraj
Peak (1-2 days).

➢ NeelTop→Surranga→Gocangam→Sargali(Best place for camping)→Yamultop→Mayalsar(Nighthalt)→HansrajPass→Nani Marg→Kapran, Kashmir (2-3 days).

➢ NeelTop→Perihender→Daganbass→Sargali→Yamul Top→Mayalsar→Hansraj Peak (1-2) days.