Smallest Mammals in The World

MAMMALS COME IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES:- and live in a huge variety of places from the frozen arctic wastes to the hottest desert . Like fish , birds , amphibians and reptiles , they are vertebrates ‘ animals with backbones . This really means they have a bony skeleton inside their bodies , which makes a strong frame for hanging everything on . Besides a backbone mammals usually have two pairs of limbs a skull to hold the brain eyes ears and a nose – and then a heart lungs and guts inside the ribs . Biggest and Smallest Mammals in The

Fact :About Mammals

Warm – blooded :-

Mammals are to be endothermic ( warm blooded ) and reptiles exothermic ( cold – blooded ) . This doesn’t mean reptiles’ blood is necessarily. cooler. It just means that mammals are able to keep their blood and bodies equally warm all the time which is why they can survive in so many different places.

Babies :- All mammals begin life as a tiny egg inside their mother’s body. But most young mammals develop inside their mother’s body until they are born as babies. Very few baby mammals can cope by themselves when they are born, and most need looking after by their parents for a while. Human babies need looking after for many years.

Mammals that lay eggs:-A few mammals living in Australia called monotremes lay eggs rather than have babies. These include the duck-billed platypus.

The badger is one of 4,200 known species of mammal around the world.

Milk -power:- Unlike other animals mother mammals feed their babies on milk until they are old enough to cope with solid foods . Milk gives all the fat and protein the baby needs to grow. Humans have just one pair, but pigs have seven pairs.

Big and small :-The biggest mammal is the blue whale 30m long and weighing 150,000kg; the smallest is the Etruscan shrew just a few cms long and weighing only 1.5gms.

Fur coats :- All mammals have a fur coat even if it is just made up of a few strands like with humans rhinos and whales. Fur keeps the animal warm by trapping a layer of insulating air. Seals have special oily water-repelling fur and a layer of thick fat called blubber to keep them warm in polar oceans.

Clever creatures :-Compared to other animals much more of a mammal’s brain is the cerebrum the part of the brain devoted to intelligent behavior. In humans and apes, the proportion is largest of all.